1. Assessing Where We are as a Township (Updated June 20)

    The Board of Supervisors has commissioned a study to provide Township leadership an unbiased overview of a full range of external and internal aspects of East Brandywine Township. Read on...
  2. Application of Rouse / Chamberlin, LTD (Updated June 12)

    The East Brandywine Township Board of Supervisors has concluded the Conditional Use Hearing associated with the application of Rouse/Chamberlin, LTD. The hearing was held over three days: March 15, May 9, June 7. Video of these meetings is now online. Read on...
  3. Giant Development Status (Updated May 9)

    Read about the application of Carlino East Brandywine to construct a Giant grocery store in East Brandywine Township. Read on...
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