Ordinances & Code

The Second Class Township Code
The Township of East Brandywine is incorporated under the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The state enabling legislation that confers powers to the Township is known as "The Second Class Township Code."  This link connects to a version of the code hosted by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

Code of the Township of East Brandywine
The Second Class Township Code confers an especially important power — the authorization for the board of supervisors to make and adopt all ordinances, bylaws, rules and regulations deemed necessary for the proper management and control of the township in order to maintain good government and protect the safety and welfare of  its citizens.  Through a process called codification, these numerous local ordinances are compiled into a document called "The Code of the Township of East Brandywine."  The Township uses a third-party vendor, General Code, to host our code.

A word of caution: recently enacted ordinances appear under the "New Laws" section of this website!