Trails Committee

About the Committee

The East Brandywine Township Trails Committee was formed in 2015 to advise the Board of Supervisors regarding the development of trails throughout the Township.  While Committee is new, the Township has actually encouraged the construction of trail networks inside new residential developments and has been planning for the inter-connectivity of these trail networks (see the 2009 Comprehensive Plan) for many years.

The Committee's ambitious first project is the East-West Trail, a multi-municipal plan to connect the Struble Trail in Uwchlan Township to Hibernia County Park in West Brandywine Township.
  1. Chair
    Michael Wagoner
    Richard Williams
    Muriel Kennedy
    Charles Lindsay
    Ian Plane
    David Summers

Current Project: East-West Trail

I. Conceptual Phase (Complete)

East Brandywine Township hosted an open public meeting on March 10, 2015, to review the results of initial concept phase work on an East-West Trail, running from the Struble Trail near Dowlin Forge Road to Hibernia County Park. Much of the initial concept phase work was done with support from the Brandywine Conservancy under their Brandywine Creek Greenway (“BCG”) initiative. The BCG is a regional initiative of the Brandywine Conservancy and twenty-four municipalities. It establishes a vision for a major corridor to link over 230 miles of existing and planned trails. At the public meeting, a vision was discussed that proposed a new trail.

  • The trail would begin at the planned Helen and Robert Whittaker Memorial Trailhead Park to be located at the corner of Dowlin Forge Road and Creek Road, and connecting this spur to the Struble Trail.
  • The trail would continue westerly along Dowlin Forge Road (residents may have noticed part of this segment of the trail has already been completed during some new construction in the area).
  • The trail would then cross Rock Raymond Road, traversing westerly through undeveloped land to Batten Drive.
  • The trail might then go directly to Hopewell Road, or curve around to N Buck Road then to Hopewell Road.
  • It is proposed to enter Echo Dell Road, then bear left on Pancoast Lane.
  • It is proposed to exit the end of Pancoast Lane along an emergency access easement to Corner Ketch Road.
  • Across Corner Ketch Road, it could continue along a trail easement then along property of Brandywine Wallace School, reaching the East Brandywine Township Community Park.
  • From the Community Park, the Concept Plan suggests two possible routes toward the border with West Brandywine Township, one Northerly, and one Southerly.
See the maps dated March 10, 2015 in the table below for more information.

II. Chester Count Vision Partnership Program Grant Application (In-Progress)

East Brandywine Township has partnered with West Brandywine and Uwchlan Townships to apply for a Chester County Vision Partnership Grant for the purpose of funding a "Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan" (the Plan) to provide safe pedestrian and bicycle connections between Hibernia County Park and the County Struble Trail.

The Plan will include a detailed analysis and conceptual design of the 9-mile long corridor. It begins at the existing rail trail in Hibernia Park in West Brandywine Township. It will explore opportunities to connect to the Whittaker Memorial Park in East Brandywine Township along on-road and/or off-road alignments, including land ownership issues and opportunities. It will include a review of a possible pedestrian bridge over the Brandywine that would connect the Whittaker Memorial Park to the Struble Trail in Uwchlan Township. The process will include direct outreach to landowners located along the corridor, four study committee work sessions that are advertised and open to the public, and three public meetings at key milestones in the project. The final product will include a preferred alignment and trail heads, typical details and cross-sections, cost estimates. It will identify key partners, provide recommendations for a staged implementation, and list potential sources of funding.

The Plan will be completed by a qualified team of Trail Planning/Design Consultants that have knowledge of PennDOT guidelines and standards for multi-modal trails and that have demonstrated success in advancing multi-modal projects from conceptual design to implementation.


 Date File Name
Type (Size)
March 10, 2015
EBT Trail Conditions & Opportunities Map
pdf-icon PDF (16,380 KB)
March 10, 2015
EBT Ownership Map
pdf-icon PDF (15,621 KB)
March 10, 2015
EBT Natural Features Map
pdf-icon PDF (18,988 KB)
August 12, 2015
Multi-Municipal Trail Map
pdf-icon PDF (12,881 KB)
September 8, 2015
Multi-Municipal Vision Partnership Grant Application
pdf-icon PDF (4,763 KB)
October 15, 2015
Chester County Notice: Grant Not Awarded
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February 17, 2016
PECO Green Region Grant Application
pdf-icon PDF (16,815 KB)
March 2, 2016
Multi-Municipal Vision Partnership Grant Application
pdf-icon PDF (2,748 KB)
April 19, 2016
 Chester County Notice of Award
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