East Brandywine Foundation

In 2009, East Brandywine Township Board of Supervisors incorporated the East Brandywine Foundation, an IRS Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  The Foundation serves an extremely valuable role furthering the Township's goals via public-private partnership.  Specifically:

  • Prior to the establishment of the Foundation, private donations for improvements to Township parks and other facilities were not tax-deductible for those generous individuals making donations.
  • Prior to establishment of the Foundation, private donations were deposited to the Township's General Fund and could not be earmarked for the improvements the donor wished to support outside of the budget year in which the gift was given.  The Foundation allows the Township to "save up" private contributions for big projects over many years.
  • Lastly, not all grant opportunities are available to the Township which is incorporated as a subdivision of the Commonwealth.  The Foundation provides a mechanism to seek grant funding not otherwise available to municipalities. 
The Directors of East Brandywine Foundation and the East Brandywine Township Board of Supervisors are deeply grateful for the support of many individuals and businesses.  The tabs below contain information about the various projects for which your financial contribution would be greatly appreciated, and provide a secure mechanism (Paypal) by which you can donate.  If you would prefer donate by some other means, or for any other questions please feel free to contact Township Staff at (610) 269-8230.
  1. Bondsville Mill
  2. Parks & Recreation
  3. General

About the Bondsville Mill Historic Park & Nature Trails

Have you been out to the Bondsville Mill Historical Park and Nature Trails, yet?!  If not, you don’t know what you’re missing.  East Brandywine Township is home to one of a select few parks in the region that provides its visitors a combination of an historical and natural experience.  The Park is a local “walk in the woods” right in our own backyard.  Open from dawn to dusk, it provides two miles of walking trails where you can experience wildlife in its natural habitat.  It is located on Bondsville Road, near the Township’s southern border with Caln Township.

The Park has been open to the public since the Fall of 2014 with the formal dedication in June 2015.  The Township acquired the property in 2005, began development in 2006, and has steadily made dramatic strides in both its appearance and utility.  A tremendous amount of work has already been done so that people can enjoy the Park today.

  • An extensive trail system has been built and properly marked. 
  • Signs have been installed describing both the industrial and natural histories of the Mill.
  • The entrance to the Park has been beautified with the Butterfly Garden and landscaped to provide a welcoming gateway.
  • The Mill Buildings have been stabilized and secured.  Significant progress has been made towards the restoration of the oldest building, the former Spinning Room. 

The work at the Park has been accomplished primarily through the donation of time and labor by volunteers, with the Township supporting the effort by supplying materials and equipment, and with the support of grants obtained from various sources including PECO.  

The popularity of the Park has significantly increased within the past year as people have become more aware of it through word of mouth, posts on the Park’s Facebook page, and articles in various publications.  Additionally, the historical significance of Bondsville Mill has led to its inclusion as the keystone to a Mill District in an application submitted to the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission (PHMC) for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Future plans for use of the Park include:

  • Education:
    • The former Spinning Room will act as an education center for the Park and historic regional mill industry, and headquarters to the Beaver Creek Milling District, providing historical information about the Mill and the regional mill activity along Beaver Creek to visitors, potentially including school groups.
    • The natural area of the Park will provide a setting for nature clubs to visit and learn about the local flora and fauna of the area.
  • A location for community group activities: The large concrete pad where some of the former Mill buildings once stood will be developed into a setting to provide space for activities such as craft festivals.

All of this work has been planned and conducted under the watchful eye of the Bondsville Mill Park (BMP) Committee, an advisory body of volunteers that reports to the Board of Supervisors and is, itself, divided into Construction, Trails, Nature, and Fundraising Committees, each with its own specific mission.  The BMP Committee can always use more help, including activities related to building stabilization, trail maintenance, gardening, fundraising, and marketing.  Volunteers meet weekly at the Park every Monday morning as well as one weekend a month.  The full BMP Committee meets at the Township Building every fourth Thursday of the month at 8:00 AM.  While volunteerism is always appreciated, it is the financial support of people like you that makes it possible for us to acquire the materials and services necessary to continue to improve the grounds and facilities. 

Your tax-deductible donations can be made to the East Brandywine Foundation quickly and securely online using the Paypal button below.  If you would prefer donate by some other means, or for any other questions about this project please feel free to contact Luke Reven, Assistant Township Manager at (610) 269-8230 x205.

Your contribution donation is vital to continuing work towards bringing to full fruition the goals of providing an educational experience regarding the heritage of the regional mill industry and the local natural environment for our current and future generations.  

Thank You!