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Helen & Robert Whittaker Memorial Trailhead Park


  1. Nature Preserve
  2. Unpaved Walking Trail
Filled with new plantings of native trees, flowering shrubs and ferns the Whittaker Memorial Trailhead Park is a quiet, shade dappled, contemplative space for pedestrians and bikers to rest along the trail to Hibernia Park.  The park has benches, walking paths, an information kiosk and dedication plaque. There is access to the east branch of the Brandywine Creek which runs along one edge of the park. The park is across the creek from the Struble Trail at Dowlin Forge Road. A connection from the park to the Struble Trail via a new pedestrian bridge over the Brandywine Creek is planned. 

The land for the park is part of a permanent conservation easement on 20-acres of riparian land bought by East
Brandywine Township from Richard and Peggy Whittaker in 2012.