Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an advisory body to the Township’s Board of Supervisors. Primary responsibilities of the Commission include review and comment on land development plans and other land use related plans, making recommendations on those plans to the Board of Supervisors, or to the Zoning Hearing Board in certain circumstances. The Planning Commission also reviews the land use regulations of the subdivision and land development Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plans, and makes recommendations for revisions and updates to those planning documents. The Commission is seeking individuals to assist with those planning responsibilities.

Bruce Rawlings, Chair
Charles Giordano
Jim Buczala, Vice-Chair
Francis Taraschi
Michael Corbin Lauren VanDyk
Nancy Gibson

Non-Voting Members:

The Township's Comprehensive Plan (2009)

A Comprehensive Plan involves a process of analysis of a municipality’s population, economy, land use, housing, transportation, and community facilities; proposal of recommendations for the municipality’s future development, growth, and well-being; and work sessions with municipal officials, community groups, and citizens to determine the community goals and objectives. East Brandywine Township last adopted a Comprehensive Plan in 2009.

2009 Comp Plan A Comprehensive Plan also involves preparation of a document containing text, charts, and maps which show the analysis done and the public interest stated in community goals and objectives and recommended policies and principals.

Due to the large number of maps, the full Comprehensive Plan is a large file (>90 MB) and is available in portable document file (PDF) format.

The Township’s Official Map (2011)

An official map is a community planning tool that identifies specific parcels or portions of private property within a municipality where public rights-of-ways, public easements, or public open spaces are envisioned. East Brandywine Township last adopted an Official Map in 2011.

pdf-icon The 2011 Official Map

Landscapes3: County Comprehensive Plan (2018)

Landscapes 3 Cover PageLandscapes3 is Chester County's comprehensive plan. It establishes growth management and preservation strategies to guide municipalities, developers, preservationists, and others in making decisions that promote sustainable practices and ensure that future residents have access to the same benefits that we currently enjoy.

The Chester County Board of Commissioners adopted the Chester County Comprehensive Plan, Landscapes3, on November 29, 2018.