Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the executive branch of township government. The Board is also responsible for the legislative functions which include the adoption of ordinances, resolutions and regulations. The Board supervises the work of every township department, committee, and employee.  This includes police, public works, and administrative staff. The Board consists of three (3) Supervisors elected to staggered six (6) year terms.

The Board is required to conduct its business in meetings open to the public. Staff and individuals conducting business with the township can provide the Board with background information outside the public meeting, but all decisions must be made at a public meeting.

Meetings are held twice a month, the first Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM and the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM.

The Board relies heavily on various Boards, Committees, and Commissions and which are advisory. The Committees and Commissions are made up of individual volunteers that conduct public meetings to deal with specific issue areas. These include an Ordinance Task Force, Bondsville Mill Committee, Parks and Recreation Board, Planning Commission, Open Space Committee, Historical Commission, Traffic Committee, and Trails Committee. The Committees and Commissions typically meet once per month, or as needed. The volunteers typically serve for one (1) year terms, but many develop a great deal of expertise and serve for many years. Additional information regarding each of these Commissions and Committees may be found elsewhere on this website, including the meeting dates and times. Any resident interested in participating should attend a Committee or Commission meeting and introduce themselves to the Committee or Commission members. New ideas and viewpoints are always welcome.

The Board is aware that their primary role and purpose is to represent the interest of the Township residents. The more interaction the Board has with the residents, the better they will be able to fulfill this role. Each Board meeting begins with a public comment period for issues not on the agenda. Residents may attend and express any concerns, ideas or proposals to the Board. In some cases, the resident may request to have their issue or concern placed on the agenda. The request should be made to the Township Staff, who may request some details regarding the resident’s issue to determine if it would be appropriate for anyone else to attend, such as the Township Engineer, Solicitor or other advisors. You may also communicate with the Board via email or by telephone by calling the Township and leaving a message.

Please help us to perform our most important function by letting us know how we might make our wonderful Township ever better or improve the way the Township Serves you.