Recycling at Commercial Establishments

Where not otherwise exempted under the Township’s Recycling Ordinance, all commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal establishments shall contract with a licensed hauler to provide recycling services.  These same establishments must separate the following materials from refuse for recycling:

  • Aluminum Cans; 
  • Newspapers; 
  • Plastic Containers; 
  • Leaf Waste;
  • Green, Brown, and Clear Glass Containers; and 
  • Corrugated Paper and High-Grade Office Paper.

Many small businesses in East Brandywine Township participate in the Township's residential curbside recycling program and use Township-issued recycle carts.  Decisions about the appropriateness of commercial establishments participating in the residential program are made on a case-by-case basis and in consideration of (1) the volume of material generated on-site, and (2) the accessibility of the site for collection by the Township contract recycle hauler.

Commercial establishments must submit annual reports outlining the materials collected, the total tons of materials recycled, the number of buildings from which collection took place, and the person submitting the report. Such reports shall be submitted to the Township on or before January 15 of each year for the preceding calendar year. Commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal establishments may comply with the reporting requirements by requiring their licensed collector to provide such documentation and certification directly to the Township.  Most major recycle haulers do report the materials collected to the Township, if you are in doubt, please call the Township to confirm that your hauler does.