General Administration

Local government is becoming more complex every day. Across the country residents are demanding more services and federal and state governments are placing more responsibility at the local level. The administration of local government requires much "behind the scenes" work in support of those employees and contractors providing direct services to the residents of East Brandywine Township.

  • Annual Budget – Staff work with elected officials and committee volunteers to prepare and adhere to an annual budget.  This budget process begins in the fall with budget approval each December.  The latest annual budget appears in the sidebar to the right.
  • Financial Reporting – Staff make monthly financial reports to the Board of Supervisors, conduct an annual audit, and provide material support to those audits conducted by other agencies, such as the PA Auditor General, and the PA Department of Transportation.
  • IT Administration – Staff maintain this website, related social media, create GIS maps, municipal databases, and the technology used by staff to serve the public. Staff also create the videos of the meetings of the Board of Supervisors
  • Right-to-Know Law – As mandated by Act 3 of 2008, public entities are required to follow the guidelines for providing access to public documents when requested by a citizen. Make a request.
  • Record-Keeping – The Township Staff or volunteers write the agendas and keep the minutes of the proceedings of its many Boards and Committees.  Township Staff also is also responsible for ensuring that thousands of other township records are properly maintained. Certain township documents are permanent, while others are retained for a specified period, then destroyed.
  • Legal – Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the Township Solicitor is responsible for the legal matters of the Township including bonds, real estate transactions, the review of ordinances, and representing the Township in actions in court.
  • Insurance – The Board of Supervisors, with the support of Township Staff and consulting brokers maintain a comprehensive risk management program to protect the taxpayers of East Brandywine Township from the diverse liabilities arising from the wide range of activities initiated by the the Township.
  • Personnel Administration  This includes hiring qualified township employees while complying with federal and state laws; ensuring that employees are properly trained on their duties and proper safety procedures; setting appropriate wages and providing benefits to attract and retain quality employees; accurate record-keeping to properly pay employees; and evaluating employee performance.
  • Grant Writing and Administration  The Board of Supervisors and Township Staff are always looking to leverage local funding with private, county, state, and federal dollars.  The process of applying for and administering these grants can be extensive.
  • Communication – The Board of Supervisors and Township Staff spend significant amounts of time responding to individual resident questions about Township services.  In addition to this one-on-one communication effort, the Township also publishes an award-winning newsletter (called the Milemarker), maintains a presence on multiple social media platforms, publishes brochures, markets events, maintains a programmable LED monument sign, and routinely updates this website.
  • Purchasing  The Board of Supervisors, with the support of Township Staff, is authorized to make purchases and enter into contracts but must follow very specific procedures that are set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and designed to protect taxpayer funds. Some types of contracts or purchases are exempt from these requirements, other contracts or purchases such as those that exceed the current bid threshold, must be awarded through a competitive sealed bid process.