East Brandywine Township Police Department is a full service police organization that provides police protection to over 8,000 residents on a 24/7 basis, encompassing 11 square miles of East Brandywine Township, Chester County. The Police Department is located within the Township Administration building at 1212/1214 Horseshoe Pike, Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The Police Department has both full time and part time police and civilian personnel and we are dispatched by Chester County Emergency Services.

Police Department services include patrol, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, truck enforcement and a wide variety of community service programs. The Police Department is a member of three Chester County regional teams: The Chester County Regional Emergency Response Team (CCRERT), the Serious Crash Assistance Team (SCAT), and the Major Incident Response Team (MIRT). CCRERT is comprised of 22 police agencies and is one of two tactical units in Chester County. SCAT is comprised of police officers who specialize in the investigation and reconstruction of serious vehicle accidents. MIRT is a large contingent of officers trained to assist any Chester County agency with large scale incidents of a non-tactical nature. The Police Department has specially trained officers assigned to each.

The Police Department works in conjunction with other local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Our membership in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Justice Network (J-NET), the Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organization Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), the Law Enforcement Justice Information Sharing Network (LEGIS) and the Chester County Drug Task Force expands our resources by providing additional manpower, technology and equipment during complicated investigations.

The Police Department maintains this website as well as a Facebook page (facebook.com/EBTPD). Our Police Officers participate in and conduct a variety of community activities which include station tours, speaking engagements, HOA, civic and school group meetings. The Department takes pride in the relationship it has with Brandywine Wallace Elementary School and Officers can be seen interacting with the children multiple times each day throughout the school year. Our Youth Aid Panel, started in 2004, is comprised of residents with varying professional backgrounds. The panel provides an alternative to the criminal justice system for youth who come into contact with our Police. Residents interested in participating on the panel are encouraged to contact the Police Department.

This is a brief overview of the Police Department. The Police Officers of the East Brandywine Township Police Department are dedicated to providing our residents and community members with the highest level of service and professionalism. Our Officers are dedicated to serving and protecting you, and will strive to do whatever it takes to give you peace of mind that, in today's society, we all need.

Chief of Police Mark D. Kocsi